With their remarkable three part vocal harmony, a variety of acoustic instruments and a sense of musical whimsey. the music of Celtic Mayhem has delighted audiences all over the world. These multi-talented musicians have an uncanny ability to play just about any instrument you put in front of them. Their skill and their wit will take you to a new level of music appreciation.

Featuring Ty Billings (Minstrels of Mayhem) on vocals, guitar, and flute, Martyn Wylde (Wyldefyre) on vocals, bass, guitar, mandolin and bouzouki and Jack Stamates (Generica, Avalon and more) on vocals, fiddle, recorder, and percussion, Celtic Mayhem have been entertaining audiences with their unique brand of "rockin' Irish music" since their debut in 2007 and were voted the winners of the 2019 Renaissance Festival Podcast Awards in the category of “Best small musical variety stage act”.

Combining the talents of members of three of the renaissance faire circuit's most popular musical acts, they perform Celtic traditional music and folk songs, along with original and contemporary music with a traditional feel. In addition to renaissance, medieval and Celtic festivals, they play select pubs, clubs and concerts, including a varied assortment of classic pop and rock songs in their sets - and adding a crowd-pleasing Mayhem twist to every performance.

Ty Billings   vocals, guitar, flute


Born into a musical family, Ty Billings has been in the music business for over thirty years. He attended college in Los Angeles and in Northern Iowa majoring in music theory and composition. Ty started and played in the band The Strangers in Nashville for nine years, writing and performing many of their original songs. Along with Jerry Berry he formed the nationally known Celtic band The Minstrels of Mayhem, recording and touring with that group for more than sixteen years. He produced and wrote songs on six albums with MoM as well as his solo studio album Take the Boy Out of the Country, released in 2007. Many of Ty’s original songs have been recorded by other artists.

Ty has written and produced the music for several theatrical productions. Among them are the Hunchback of Notre Dame and his own musical entitled A Light In The Dark (A Rock Nativity). Ty is currently hard at work writing songs for the next Celtic Mayhem CD.

Martyn Wylde   vocals, guitar, bass, mandolin, bouzouki


Founder of popular renaissance faire act Wyldefyre, Martyn Wylde has been a professional musician and actor for more than forty years. His smooth tenor and astonishing three octave vocal range had him headed for a career in music from an early age. After more than three decades of a demanding touring and recording schedule both as a band member and studio musician, Martyn left the rock scene behind to try his hand at yet another musical genre: the folk music of the British Isles.

On his solo CDs - Minstrel’s Lament, The Child Ballads, Vol. 1 and Learning From The Leaves - Martyn plays most of the instruments and sings multi-part harmonies throughout. With his extensive repertoire culled from the rich folk traditions of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales along with his own original songs, Martyn Wylde continues the legacy of bards both old and new—and now adds his considerable talents to Celtic Mayhem.

Jack Stamates   vocals, fiddle, crumhorn, cello, percussion


Jack is a staggeringly talented multi-instrumentalist who studied Irish fiddle technique under the legendary James Kelly and has played in an array of rock, country, renaissance and Celtic bands including Avalon and Generica.

Jack’s recordings span the range of his musical interests and include an album of songs and dances from the 14th Century, a collection of Scottish tunes with Jennifer Licko and tracks on three recent platinum-selling pop/rock CDs: Shakira’s Donde Esta Las Ladrones and Laundry Service, and J. Lo’s On the Six. He also performs and records with The Three Jacks and Matthew Sabatella and the Rambling String Band.

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